Increasing the library file size of a Community.

Just had to update the file size of a Community. Sounds easy right??

I swear IBM make this stuff as complex as possible…..

To increase the size limit of a Community, you need it’s UID usually found as the last part in the url.

 But what happens if you aren’t a member of the Community and can’t access it? What happens if all you have is the name?

You need to do this:

Start wsadmin

Launch Communities administration:


Then you need to get all communities, and find the name. This is done by:
wsadmin> all=CommunitiesService.fetchAllComm()
wsadmin> CommunitiesListService.filterListByName(all, "community name") 

You will get output like the following:

[{lastModBy=[John User, A6F3CFCB-E9F5-3CEE-CA25-6F1000815F04], created=6/2/13 4:38:17 PM EST, tags=[], type=private, name=APACBlah, uuid=2672ad0a-9646-4c2f-8094-3b552322d79e, memberSize=36, lastMod=10/22/13 2:25:31 PM EST, description= This is a subcommunity for APAC staff who have completed their initial launch training for . , createdBy=[John User, A6F3CFCB-E9F5-3CEE-CA25-6F1000815F04]}]
 You now have the UUID.. but now you need to find the corresponding Library ID. This is done in the Files Admin tool.

Launch files admin,

Files Administration initialized.

We then need to find the ID of the corresponding Library. This is found by issuing the following command,

APAC staff who have completed their initial launch training for the project., createDate=Sun Jun 02 16:38:18 EST 2013, policyId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001,
externalContainerId=2672ad0a-9646-4c2f-8094-3b552322d79e, themeName=default, label=We251c6a45e07_482a_b5c7_a13bbb0654ca, title=APACBlah,
ownerUserId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, type=community, id=9e1b8069-a132-4ea6-a32c-948634a520cc, externalInstanceId=We251c6a45e07_482a_b5c7_a13bbb0654ca, lastUpdate=Mon Oct 21 17:08:37 EST 2013}

We then need to create the new Policy

Create a new policy, i.e we need to create a policy for 1 Gb of files in the community.

Use the following command. Anything over 2 GB needs an L at the end. format of (name, size)

wsadmin>FilesPolicyService.add("1 GB", 1073741824) 

A policy will be created, and an id given. Take note of this ID.

A policy was added with the new id 82e5ae13-efa7-4cc7-bb37-1b8d68b521cc

Now you need to apply the new policy to the Community. Format of command is (ID,Policy)

The policy with the id 82e5ae13-efa7-4cc7-bb37-1b8d68b521cc is now assigned to the library with the id 9e1b8069-a132-4ea6-a32c-948634a520cc .

 Simple hey????

A tick box on the Community administration page would kill you?

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