wsadmin ProfileAdmin error “NameError: bAskForNodeComm”

I stumbled across this issue when trying to update a users information in Connections after a UID change.

I’d successfully updated the PROF_UID and PROF_UID_LOWER with the new information, and TDI had synched across the new user data.

To then get the other Connections Applications to update their user information for this user, I ran the ProfilesService.publishUserData(“”)

I received a very descriptive error.ErrorProfiles

So I noticed that the unlike the other Connections admin commands, the script had not asked me for “What node did you want to connect to?”

I tried various things, but was not able to get the ProfilesAdmin script to select a node.

I found this error  which seemed to match what I was getting, so I tried the suggested fix.

See below, it worked. This technique also will work with other ProfileAdmin commands.


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