IBM Mail Onboarding Manager – Quick Overview

One of the other technologies I get to play with are the on-boarding tools to IBM SmartCloud. If you didn’t know, the only way that you used to be able to onboard to the cloud with mail file transition from Domino was to engage a BP who has successfully passed the certification.

These tools are known as Onboard Planning Tool (OPT), and Onboard Transition Tool (OTT).

IBM has now release a self service tool called Mail On-boarding Manager. I refuse to call it MOM.

To use the Mail Onboarding Manager, you still need to do all of the steps to setup a Hybrid environment.

More information on the Tool can be found here.

Below is a quick Video overview.

If you like to learn more, my colleague Nick Young and I will be presenting at Inform 2015.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hey Nick, thanks for the session at Inform 2015, appreciate your time. Hope the leg, foot, knee etc is on the mend. Quick question, we are IBM business partners but not ISV’s. How can I sign up for the hydrid smartcloud. I just want to set up about 8 staff in the cloud, to be sure we like it etc. Of course I asked IBM and got bounced from tech support to sales and then back. I thought it would be an easy question. Is it part of the partner benefits program. All ideas welcome.


    1. Hey Damien
      We faced the same issue. In the end we just bought the licenses. There is a free trial available, but that won’t get your mail up there. Good luck.


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