Month: September 2015

Sametime 9 Managed Settings – HTTP port problem

Just a quick update. I’ve recently been doing some work trying to Auto magically configure Sametime using Managed Settings. This has been a bit of a struggle, but we are getting there.

If you’ve not heard of Managed Settings before, they are a way that you can push out and update Sametime Connect (both embedded and standalone) settings. Here is a good overview.

One caveat that we ran into is with the update site that is pushed out via policies must be a http server running on port 80.  Once we enabled tracing on the Sametime Connect clients we were able to get more infiormation on what was going on.

<globalInstanceId="ELc0a8c93700014fac6b9c030000000b" msg="CWPMS0202E: The Managed Settings File Provider was unable to open the URL due to the following error: Forbidden." severity="50" version="1.0.1">
 <extendedDataElements name="CommonBaseEventLogRecord:level" type="noValue">

We tried everything to make sure that the file was being served correctly. You could access the URL and the managed-settings file was loaded via a browser.

The Workaround

Relocating the managed-setting file on another HTTP server appeared to resolve this issue. We were then able to use the managed settings and push out our changes.