IBM Viewer / Docs error in C5.5 CR2

I’ve been a little quiet on the Blog front, but this year I’ll make an effort to update a bit more frequently. 2016 wasn’t a quiet year for me Technology wise, I got to work on some great Connections/Portal implementations and other environments. Apologies for the lack of updates.

I’ve been investigating an issue with Connections 5.5 CR2. and IBM Docs 2.0. What happens is that user will get an error while trying to view or edit the document. The users will get an error like the following.

"You are not entitled to use Docs or do not have permission to
edit this file. The file must be shared with you and your
access level set to editor. The file might also be locked by
another editor"


"The IBM Docs server cannot be reached. Please contact your administrator"

Errors in the Logs for Docs servers are similar to the following:

DocumentDraft E   Failed to generate snapshot for document. docID: 7125b890-4f8e-4a94-8fee-eb6bfc776802 Exception occurred with error code: CLFAD1000, message: Have no permission on this file in repository, and additional data: {"docUri":"7125b890-4f8e-4a94-8fee-eb6bfc776802","repo_err_code":"AccessDenied","repo_err_msg":"EJPVJ9070E: Unable to logon the user with the J2EE principal connectionsadmin.","repo_http_status":1000}

I’ve seen this sort of thing before after applying patches whereby you need to reapply the security to the J2EE principal and reserve the configuration. I tired that, and had the same issue.

Restarting the Files App seems to resolve the issue temporarily.

Appears that there is a known issue in CR2 and it’s being tracked in this APAR. (You’ll need an IBM Login)

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