IBM Connections Component Pack – Install fails with can’t connect to Connections FQHN.

I’ve been working with Connections Pink since the first release of the “Orient Me” package. The scripts used to deploy this feature set are getting better with each release – good job IBM.

I’ve got an issue currently with the Deployment of ICCP – The errors with the message below.

It can’t connect to the Connections FQHN that is provided.


It sounded to me like something to do with the security settings we had enabled on the Connections 6 environment..turns out it was. I pulled apart the scripts, and found where I think it was occurring..The particular script that is is failing is the,  in particular one of the functions called validate_ic_host  that appears to use curl to grab a URL.

Anyhoo, IBM have this tech note that expands on the problem and provides a work around. >>