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CCM CR2 Upgrade/Backup Script errors – Access is denied.

Previous post was how to install CCM. This post will be about an error that I experienced just trying to apply the Fix Pack to get it to CR2 level.

When applying the CR2 update, the Content Engine Server is the first cab off the rank.

Following the instructions, I started with the D:\IBM\Connections\ccm\ccm\ccm\scripts\backup.bat

This script failed to run. Error was ADMN0022E: Access is denied……..because of insufficient or empty credentials.


I checked that the password wasn’t locked out. It wasn’t.

I logged into wsadmin manually, jut to verify all was good. I could.

So google put me onto this awesome post. In this case, wasn’t my issue, although I did try the fix.

Time to dig deeper.

I grabbed the backup.bat file, and scanned though till I found the part that was failing.

I enabled output to the screen by adding echo on..


I then ran the backup script again. This revealed what the issue was.

The customers WAS admin password contains an exclamation point “!” for password quality. This script was passing this password as a variable to the the script which was running the wsadmin command. There appears to be a second time that this script calls the %was.admin.passwd% variable, but as it does it strips the “!” in my password. So I’m supplying the incorrect password, even though it’s correct at the time of input.

I’ve not been able to find a resolution to this apart from changing the password.

I had tried escaping the character out, and used different variations but to no avail. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

Connections 5 CR1 CR2 IBM upgrade guides

Found these guides hidden in the depths of the release notes for IBM Connections 5 CR2.

Noted that the CR2 guide also has call-outs if you are doing a 5.0 > CR2 update.

Looks like the 5.0 -> 5 CR2 requires some extra SQL scripts against your connections database and some additional Content Manager requirements.

CR1 guide here

CR2 guide here

Thanks to IBM for some good material.