Quick Tip – Name your console..

The guys I work with are full of good tips.

I’d always wondered how to do this, as I thought it was some sort of Developer jiggery-pokery.

Most environments I work in have a Development environment, and a Production environment.

Quite often, I get lost. Am I in Prod or Dev? Especially with cryptic server names.

Quick way to fix this is to Name your Consoles.

  • Logon to your ISC.
  • Expand System Administration > Task Management
  • Select Console Identity.
  • Type in the Console name..ie Prod
  • And hey presto…You know where you are..

You’re welcome.

Connections theme reverts to 4.5 after applying C5 CR1

Just a quick post. I ran into this issue, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it.

After applying the CR1 update to Connections 5, the theme reverted to version 4.5.

I made sure that all nodes were synced, restarted environment and the same issue was experienced.

The Fix

I removed the temporary caching directory for the WebSphere Server running Connections.

This forces WAS to update it’s cache on next restart.

  1. Shut down the Application server running Connections.
  2. Go to the <install_root>/profiles/<servername> directory
  3. Rename the /temp directory to /old_temp (as below.)
  4. Rename the /wstemp directory to /old_wstemp (as below)
  5. Restart Application Server.

Once testing is completed, you can remove the old temp directories.

Updating Connections 5 WAS to

Connections 5 runs on WebSphere Application Server 8.5.x.

We recently deployed on the release, but as part of keeping the WAS stack as up to date as possible, I updated to the recent release We were experiencing an error that is resolved in the update.

Details on this fix are located here

Just to save time, if you are going to do the same, uninstall fix IFP119108, or you’ll get the error below when you go to update using IIM.


Hope this saves time for someone out there.

EDIT…It appears that IBM have decided not to support Connections on this version of WAS.

So if you need to update to resolve an issue in the WAS stack, beware…